The Greatest Gaming Mouse Ever Created is Here

The Greatest Gaming Mouse Ever Created is Here

The Shark of the PC Peripheral World.

There was a period of time in my life where computer games were my primary hobby. Any computer gamer knows the importance of their peripherals. Their mouse and keyboard are an extension of their own limbs. I tried many mice in my time, from many different companies. One particular brand, without fail, would break after around 3 months of use. The scroll wheel would snap and become useless. Others would become impossible to click or too sensitive to clicks over time. Some would click multiple times every time I pressed the click button.

Then, I was recommended the greatest mouse of all time by a friend. He had used a previous version and loved it. He said this one was even better. It was a bit more expensive than the mice I was using, but, I thought, “Perhaps this will be the one that doesn’t break!”.

And it was. I’ve had the same mouse for 4 years. I’ve beaten it up with gaming marathons. It’s collected dirt and gunk and still performs fantastically. This durability is coupled with the phenomenal features of the mouse itself, and the awesome design. This mouse is the apex predator. This mouse is like a shark or an alligator, it is the result of a perfect refinement of characteristics in the PC environment; it is simply the best design that can possibly exist for a mouse. This is the mouse, ladies and gentlemen:  (Please note that as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.)

The greatest mouse known to man.

Check them out while you can.

 Actually, specifically, this is a newer model. My Mouse is the Logitech G502, and there was an extended version of the G502 which featured RGB colors instead of just blue on the light. The model above is this model (same mouse as mine, just newer and cheaper). Whichever version you choose to get, keep in mind the following features:

  • Scroll wheel button that enables “infinity-scrolling”, which lets the scroll wheel spin freely. This is really cool.
  • Adjustable weighting
  • Very intuitive Logitech gaming software to configure the adjustable modes, which allow adjustment of DPI and many other features
  • Fully customizable buttons, including the ability to tie macros to the buttons directly in the software. For example, I once made a button that sent a keystroke constantly as I held down the button.

Some popular uses include putting your VOIP push-to-talk on the side button, and putting some commonly used keys on the mouse as well. But these are fairly standard gaming mouse features. The most important aspects of this mouse are:

  • Its durability. It literally won’t break on you. These things are practically indestructible.
  • Its elegance. It’s seriously a beautiful mouse; not too big, not too small, fits perfectly for every grip

Or, if you’re looking more for a wireless mouse, the equivalent in performance and durability with wireless capability:

As I was writing this article, the G502 original ran out of stock. The secret isn’t too well-guarded. These are THE BEST MICE on the market. There is a massive demand for them. Many people know how incredible they are, and everyone wants one. The G502 is, without a doubt, the greatest gaming mouse in history, and quite possibly the greatest PC mouse ever invented. So, do yourself or a loved one a favor, and get them the best computer mouse in the history of humanity, the G502.

If you’d like, check out some of these featured items! Please note that as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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