Why Nugget?

Welcome to The Tech Nugget.

There are many sources of tech information across the internet. Webpages with auto-playing videos, nonsensical arguments, illegible writing, and, worst of all, uninformed recommendations. Nobody can be an expert in everything. Your true strength comes from your ability to discover and decipher information as you need it. How can you stay private on the internet? What is the safest, cheapest cloud storage? How can I get the most out of my money when buying a computer? How can I configure my wireless router optimally?  All you need is a nugget of information. For technology, you’ve found it.

I’ve spent my life becoming an expert in computer hardware and software. I have an extensive github, I’ve worked as a software developer, I’ve worked in deep learning AI, I’ve worked as a web developer. But most importantly, I’ve always had a certain mentality about all aspects of my life. Perhaps you have the same mentality, and that’s why you’re here. How do I know I’m making an optimal decision? How can I find my optimal car, the best pair of headphones for my budget, the best job for my skills? These are the kinds of questions I ask myself before making decisions. Surely someone out there would have a recommendation for me; someone could lead me in the right direction. Someone I can trust, someone who is an expert.

I’d like to be your expert. I assure you, the information on this website either comes from firsthand experience or extensive research from a tech expert. You will always find assurance in the articles here being comprehensive, well written, and to-the-point. I am not attempting to farm viewers to my content, I am creating genuine content that my viewers will appreciate. I will provide the perfect nuggets of information for you to make informed decisions about all of your technological choices. It is my hope that I can share my expertise with you and save you time and money.

So, please take a look around, sign up for my newsletter, and feel free to contact me with any questions about anything tech related. I hope you find my website intuitive and useful, and I hope you have a great day.