Sennheiser 598 Review by Long-term Owner

Sennheiser 598 Review by Long-term Owner

Sennheiser HD 598 Over-Ear Headphones - Ivory













  • Awesome sound quality
  • Great mid-range
  • Lasts forever
  • Incredibly comfortable


  • Poor bass
  • Not easily portable
  • Others around you can hear the audio

The greatest headphones of all time?

What are the best all-around headphones that you can use to get the most out of your music? In many enthusiasts’ opinions, the headphone of choice that has stood the test of time is the Sennheiser HD598. I have personally owned these headphones for over 5 years, and despite the fact that their model listing and color options have changed slightly, these reliable headphones are still available today. As a long-term owner, I will provide you with my experience and recommendation on the phenomenal HD598’s.

So, what makes the 598’s so great? They are open-back, which means that they emulate a full-room surround sound experience. Listening to music on HD598’s provides a warm and deep experience which can be shocking to listeners who are not used to audiophile-grade headphones. Even in songs that you are used to, elements that you’ve never head in them will become apparent with these headphones. Personally, I was shocked when I first experienced the sound quality of the HD598’s. Particularly in mid-range heavy songs, the incredible depth the songs I listened to was astonishing. Friends that I have recommended these headphones to have experienced the same.

These headphones are also known for their astonishing comfort. After using them at my computer for 12+ hours, I take them off and realize that I had completely forgotten that I was wearing them. The “eargonomics” of these headphones is amazing, and rivaled only by their sound quality. Moreover, after wearing them many hours a day for nearly 5 years, with them collecting my sweat and taking the inevitable abuse and falls, the headphones are still fully functional. They only have a few minor wear-and-tear blemishes.


My 598’s have served me faithfully for years, and their ability to deliver incredible sound quality still remains. There are two main wear-and-tear blemishes that have occurred. These blemishes are common with other users as well.

Blemish 1: Ear-cup foam popping out of cups

Small part of foam cushion emerging from ear cup

Blemish 2: Small crack in the center over-head cushion

Crack in head cushion

Now, keep in mind, these headphones have endured heavy use and abuse for nearly 5 years. With only these 2 minor issues emerging, they are still my daily driver for music experience.

These headphones truly provide an incredible listening experience that everyone should try.

Current Alternative Models

The HD598 model that I own is this one, in the iconic HD598 ivory color. These headphones also eventually were offered in black, but soon the black versions became scarce as well. The closest direct model to the one that has served me so well is this one, the HD598 SR: (please note that as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.)

This model is essentially identical to mine. However, I have no doubt that the more recent models put out by Sennheiser to become the “next generation” of HD598 are of the same quality and reliability. In particular, check out the HD599 Open-back:

The new generation of HD598, the HD599

Things to keep in mind

The HD598 headphones and their variants are incredible headphones that I would recommend to anyone. Keep in mind that they are open-back, however, which means that they are not noise-cancelling or isolating. Therefore, people around you will be able to faintly hear your audio if the room is in relative silence.

Do you own these headphones or have any thoughts on my review? Be sure to leave a comment or contact me and tell me about it!

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